Contributing writer, The Oxford Handbook of Music Education,
                        Oxford University Press, 2012.


             Judge, 25th Annual Vocal Competition for Colorado Singers, March, 2009.
                        Denver Lyric Opera Guild, Denver, Colorado.

             Clinician in a workshop based on her book, Prescriptions for Choral Excellence.
                         Music Department of the University of Wisconsin at Waukesha, Jan. 23, 2009.

             Leader of  two days of classes for Belmont University and the Nashville chapter of the
                         American Guild of Organists, Nashville, Tennessee, February 8, 9, 2009.
             Speaker, The Washington National Wagner Society, November 15, 2008, 7 P.M. "A Tribute to Lauritz Melchior."
                        Universalist National Memorial Church, 1810 16th St., NW, Washington, D.C.
                        Ms. Emmons spoke about Melchior. The program included a mini-concert featuring Paula Wilder,
                               dramatic soprano, a student of Emmons, of whose performance as Senta in "The Flying Dutchman,"
                               Opera News wrote, "Paula Wilder's voice remained solid and beautiful up to the thrilling high B that
                               capped their truly glorious final duel."         
             First Nordisk Music Festival, Faaborg, Denmark (Fyn Province), July 22, 2008.  
                        Lectured on the life of Lauritz Melchior, the great Danish Heldentenor.
                        Led a Master Class for Nordic Heldentenors based on "Surviving the Wagner Repertoire."

             Leader of Wired Master Class, full conference session, National Association of Teachers of Singing Conference,
                        Nashville, Tennessee,  June 27, 2008.
                        Ms. Emmons led a full conference session on the opening day in which singers were wired to a
                        spectogram and an electroglottograph for real-time visual feedback while the singers performed
                        and were taught. Emmons taught the classical singers and Robert Edwin, the commercial singers.
                        Scott McCoy and Donald Miller interpreted the acoustic data. 
             Judge, American Traditions Vocal Competition, Savannah Music Festival,
                       Savannah, Georgia, March 20-Apil 5, 2008.
                       Master Class, during the Festival.
             University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado. October 14-15, 2006.
                      Featured speaker at the  Berton and Mildred Coffin Memorial Concert ;
                      Master Class.
             University of Waterloo, London, Ontario, Canada, October, 2006.
                     Master Classes based on mental skills, from  Power Performance for Singers.
             NATS Cal-Western Regional Conference, September,  2006.
                     Arizona State University,  Phoenix, Arizona.
                     Workshop for Singers and Teachers: Performance Skills and Vocal Technique.
             Master Class:  Boston University School of Music, April 2006. 
             Master Class: Boston Conservatory, February 2006.
             Clinician: ACDA State Conference, Connecticut, October, 2005.          
             Master Classes: Webster College, St. Louis, September 2005.
             Master Class: Classical Singer convention, New York, May 2005 .           
             Judge: NATSAA, NATS convention, New Orleans, July 2004.
             Clinician: Webster College, St. Louis, October, 2004.
             Clinician: NATS Regional Conference, University of Texas, San Antonio,
                   June 2003.
             Speaker: MTNA national convention, Salt Lake City, July 2003.
             Master Class: University of North Texas, Denton, October 2003.
             Clinician: Belmont University, Nashville, June 2002.
             Clinician: University of Indiana, Bloomington, June 2001.
             Judge: NATSAA, NATS convention, Toronto, Canada, July 1998.
             Master Teacher: Westminster Choir College, Princeton, July 1998.          
             Lectures and master classes: Lawrence University and Drake University,
                   October 1997.
             Lectures and master classes: University of California, Santa Barbara,
                   July 1997.
             Judge: National Society of Arts and Letters, Lexington, Kentucky, 1997.
Master Class: University of Kentucky, Lexington, March 1997.
             Master Teacher: NATS Master/Intern Teacher Program, University of Ohio,
             Master Class: NATS National convention, Seattle, Washington, July 1995.
             Panelist: University of Maryland International Marian Anderson Vocal Arts
                    Festival,  July 1995.
             Judge: Denver Lyric Opera Competition, April 1995.
             Clinician: NATS Boston Chapter Workshop, November 1994.
             Clinician: NATS Regional Conference, San Diego State University, 1993.
             Master Teacher: NATS Master/Intern Teacher Program, North Texas
                    University, 1992.
             Speaker: NATS national convention, Boston, July 1992.
             Speaker: Second International Congress of Voice Teachers, Philadelphia,
                    July 1991.
             Panelist: First American Vocal Arts Congress, College Park, Maryland,
                    July 1991.
             Speaker: Wagner Society of Chicago, May 1990.
             Director, American Song Workshop, University of Rhode Island, June 1990.
             Master Teacher: Westminster Choir College, July 1990.

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